Safe, secure remote signer authentication

Each signature creates a tamper-evident seal on document

A seamless process embedded into your Portal's document workflow

Detailed audit trail provides evidence of signature process

Independently verifiable just like a wet ink signature.

Intuitive UI, easily jump field-to-field, document-to-document

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Meets Compliance Requirements

You can trust the legality of your Electronic Signatures to execute a transaction in a highly regulatory environment. Our stellar security and user identification process gives you comfort knowing that fraudsters can’t modify digitally-signed documents without it being immediately known.

A True Digital Signature

It’s not just an image or link to a website. It is actually an advanced cryptograph that links the identity of a signer with the fingerprint of the document and most importantly provides a way to detect tampering after signing. Most e-signatures are an image applied to the document your signing.

Multiple Levels of Identity Verification

When investing online, your clients need to know their money is safe. If a signed document is challenged in court, you may have to prove the signer’s identity. We use both email and Knowledge Based Authentication where the signer is prompted to enter their date of birth or social security number followed by a series of personal questions for identity verification.

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